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May 22 2012



Hello soupers, I just thought I'd comment on the facebook IPO, since that seems to be in the news. When I was a young Mark Mancino (check out my flickr) I always was interested in how companies got evaluated for IPO. It seems interesting that any company can just begin at $40 a share. Why don't we start them all at a base price and then see what happens. I understand why it happens, but not everything has to be so cut and dry. My father Mark Mancino Sr. hated stocks and believed in keeping his money in a coffee can.  That's very simple and works well. There's no risk. We enjoy taking risk and for some reason the price of an IPO can set us all aflutter.  But when you actually think about it it's an estimate based on demand, but where is this demand derived? How can we say, people love one thing more than another, let's dump all of our money into this. But what's even better is all the companies who have much more potential than a Facebook, but no one can readily identify them. I never thought this was fair for the average American.  People should do a better job at exposing these companies to public knowledge. I know that will take away all the secrets from Wall St., but it's about time we make a more even playing field. Check out some of my comments on Twitter and also check out my blog.

-Mark Mancino

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